a few days as a single woman

doug left early sunday to visit with his family for a few days – thereby bringing chaeli home with him from her summer visit with my in-laws.

i can’t say i am thrilled of having my baby so far away for over a week. last year’s one week visit was hard enough. don’t get me wrong – i love the time i get to be on my own and all the solitude that’s quite rare in my life. but i’m a parent. a mom. worrying is second nature to me.

i did, however, take some advantage of being on my own.  i had an evening with a girlfriend – one of my highschool friends. we’ve seen each other off and on for the past several years and finally got together. as soon as we started to gab and catch up, i had one big, blaring thought in my mind… why didn’t we do this sooner?

what a fun night – we actually were the last to leave. the staff was cleaning up, even.

yoga shakti

aside from that, i’ve been able to have longer workouts and so i took this opportunity to try out a new yoga dvd – shiva rea’s yoga shakti. i borrowed it from the library so will need to return it in a couple of weeks. the price on amazon.ca is quite high – $38.99! i question, actually, why it’s only $20.99 on amazon.com (US site). even with shipping fee, i will probably still save $10-12. i figure i would try it out before committing to the purchase.

it’s amazing. first of all, the scenery and music is exquisite. shiva rea is an excellent yoga guru. but what makes this dvd unique is that it has over 250 minutes of yoga. she includes 4 different yoga workouts – one finally focusing on the lunar salutation (i’ve been trying to find something to teach me about lunar salutation flow). on top of that, and this is the beauty of it all, there is a yoga matrix which you can program thereby having an infinite amount of routines right at your finger tips! the different sequences are explained in the dvd guide – along with how long each sequence is so that you can create the length you wish to practice yoga.

p90x plus both upper body strength and total body strength workout dvds were also revisited this past week. the upper body workout isn’t too bad but one of the reasons why i rarely do the total body dvd is simply because it is HARD! my aging body just can’t take the beating from such an intense workout like it use to! but i’m glad i did it – i was dripping sweat at the end but it was well worth it.

water for elephantsi’ve also been reading a lot. my reading list is long and i’m far behind. but as it turns out, a book i had on hold from last year finally came through – i got he automated email message from my library last week and didn’t waste any time to pick it up. and i’ve found it hard to put the book down ever since…

water for elephants – not a hard read but the author really does seem to capture that history of the traveling circus lifestyle so well.

somewhat annoying is that i keep on picture edward cullen’s face whenever i envision jacob, the main character.

i took today off so i could enjoy my last day of solitude. hobbes and i will head out to a dog park and i’ll most likely stop by starbucks on the way back for a nice, cold beverage!


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