24 hrs lobster pets

the title is cruel. because the 24 hrs we had five lobsters sharing our living quarterS (well, in a corner of our fridge, that is) were not five additional members of the family. more just temporary guests. okay – ‘guests’ is also a cruel way to describe it. they were, after all, prisoners for our next day feast.

but i did feel guilty. i never use to care about these things and i’m not saying that i’m on the verge to join Peta and become a vegetarian. it’s just that i picked them up and looked at them and was on the fence about even naming each one of those marine bugs so when it came time for doug and our friend, tai, to put them into the big baD pot of boiling water, i had to turn away. yes – i’m that pathetic.

i did, however, make sure they were very cold both in the fridge and in the cooler on the way to tai’s and B’s because i heard that the cold dulls their nerves. at least according to alton brown.

i like alton brown. he’s a plethora of information when it comes to the science of cooking.

so with those five lobsters we picked up saturday, we also went to costco to pick up 4 steaks – each 1.5 to 2 inches thick. rib grilling steaks – nicely marbled and tender for our surf ‘n turf feast.

sunday we arrived at tai’s and B’s and started off with tortilla chips and B’s home made chunky salsa – the tomatoes were from their garden. the salsa had a bit of a kick to it which was fine because we also started off with mojitos. and then came the apple reisling wine with dinner… and the very yummy, juicy, sweet AND savory lobsters, sometimes dipped in melted butter and sometimes the butter was forgotten because that’s just how sweet those lobsters were… and the steaks were just perfectly done of that medium rare type… and then there was the pesto pasta salad with fresh bocconcini, more garden cherry tomatoes and garden fresh basil… and lest we not forget ending our evening with pina coladas and then coffee.

oh my god – we died and gone to heaven! at least temporarily.

it took me a good evening plus one night to digest all that.

but it was worth it.


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