random confessions no. 3

i know i blogged about my milestone yesterday, regarding yoga – and that overall, i maintain the attitude in which i compete mainly with myself. that each milestone is a step towards my own goals. not untrue at all.

but… i am competitive by nature. and this is why i practice yoga mainly on my own. it’s to keep that competitive nature where i compare myself to others in check.

usually, about once a week, i try to make it to a yoga class (bodyflow) for some variety. and while i’m mostly focusing my awareness on my own body and limitations, from time to time, i do glance around to see what others are doing.

yes – i compare. i compare like crazy! i’m definitely ONE OF THOSE!

it’s very bad, i admit. especially in yoga – not at all the proper yogi attitude to take. i’m sure my karma level drops each time this happens exponentially.

my next confession, though… i don’t really care. i like the satisfaction that i’m better than most in class. :p


2 thoughts on “random confessions no. 3

    • i know – a part of me is fine with the fact that i do take pride in my achievements. i’m anything but close to being a yogi guru of any sort – i think comparing oneself to others in yoga goes against the whole purpose of yoga philosophy and spirituality. but… hopefully i am not that noticeable when i glance around casually during class. šŸ˜‰

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