like a storm

it caught me off guard this time.

i had been doing really well for the past few months – i don’t even exactly remember which month i needed my meds last.

it’s almost as if needing my meds monthly was easier. my anxiety/depression had earlier warning signs.

unlike this time.

this time – it came in like a storm. everything was bright and sunny and then boom… darkness, downpour and thunder. just crashing down from no where.

i’m completely struggling today to just let it ride out. i haven’t taken my meds because i want to see how this weekend plays out. if by saturday night, i’m still feeling this way, i will take my meds. it’s just that i don’t want to take it and then feel better by sunday, only to have to face the one or two nights of insomnia that always occurs when i’m going off of it.

if by saturday i feel i need it, i will continue to take it up to the end of next work week.

ugh. this sucks.


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