camping at Emily provincial park

last weekend, we did another 2-night camping trip with our sad little old trailer.

camp site

our site view from inside the trailer

we chose emily park because it was far enough away from the city as to not attract too many teens or college students just looking for a place to party, drink and get high. one of the problems we often face when we pick a park too close to the city. at the same time, it was only 1.5 hrs away so quite manageable for the drive up after work. granted while we set up, it was getting dark but nothing too crazy.

pingeon river, emily park

where we picnic-ed.

being along pigeon river, which connects up with the beautiful kawartha lakes, it was quite pretty. the camp sites were very well maintained and privacy on most lots were very good. our site (218) happen to be off to the side and luckily, had no neighbours during our visit. it was also in easy walking distance to the comfort station.

doug and chaeli rented a canoe the next day and did a 2 hour fishing excursion. chaeli caught two fish – no bigger than the size of her hand. not that she was disappointed. at this age, she is clearly content just to catch and release.

pigeon river

chaeli playing with a lily flower

we had found a spot under a few trees that had a picnic table. first thing we did was break out our cooler which we packed with cheese, pate, hummus, dip, crackers, carrots and some drinks. a very simple lunch and enough to keep us filled without being over stuffed until dinner.

after the two of them left, i spread out a blanket on the grass and proceeded to do a bit of reading and napping (this went back and forth and on and on for a bit). pretty much exactly what i was hoping for.

entire photo set of our camping trip here – including photos of inside our sad little old trailer.


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