do dogs dream in their alter-ego state?

saturday morning, like waaaay early in the wee hours of the morning, both doug and i were startled out of our slumber by a very loud howl.

we woke up at exactly the same time. doug turned to me immediately and said, “was that you?”

yeah right. i howl in my sleep all the time.

doesn’t my husband know me but at all? i’m a vampire girl. team edward – all the way! why the hell would i ever howl? even in my dream!

i murmured something in the direction of the pile of curly, brown fur at the end of our bed. we both semi-sat up and looked down towards hobbes.

he was asleep. completely oblivious as to what he just did.

the strange thing was, as doug remarked days later, it was a noise that hobbes has never made. we don’t have a hound. we have a cockapoo. neither of hobbes’ two types of breeds are known for howling.

anyway, hobbes seems to dream a lot. most times, however, he’s just making small barking, yelping or growling noises. his paws sometimes twitch and i suspect he is dreaming about chasing something.

it amazes me that they dream at all, though. it just makes them seem so humanized.


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