50 shades of puke

yesterday, i spotted a copy of ’50 shades of gray’ floating around the office. all i could think was, it starts.

i refuse to be sucked into the hype. but of course, i will admit, the curiosity is there. and i couldn’t care less for the actual erotica parts. truth be told, this trilogy is somewhat similar to anne rice’s sleeping beauty trilogy (adult fairy tale) which i had read over ten years ago (anne rice was, however, under a different name – a. n. roquelaure). it was very heavy into S&M which was not at all a turn on for me [note: i’m not judging anyone into S&M/bondage because, really, to each his/her own – it just doesn’t turn my crank].

at least that trilogy was more professionally written. what i gather about shades of gray? poor, poor, pooooor writing. i did read some excerpts – every few words was an insert for a curse word. why? why all the cursing? not very romantic. nor sexy. at least for me. and since this is an erotica, the main purpose of this book is to produce sexiness.

then there’s the critique that the author would switch from all the plain and simple cursing to what she felt was eloquent writing. but a failure at that – in too many places it was like she over did the use of a thesaurus (she pulled a ‘joey’ from friends! flashback – joey wanted to write a letter of recommendation to the adoption agency chandler and monica was going through. he wanted to sound smart so he over-used the thesaurus and signed it ‘sincerely, baby kangaroo’). in the end, the writer of ’50 shades of gray’, used words in places that just didn’t make any sense.

even with anne rice’s sleeping beauty, i was annoyed. annoyed with the main character – the supposed heroine. annoyed that she was falling for such an abusive a-hole.

i’m not at all sure how i could take the relationship between the two main characters (a more intensive take on the controlling nature edward has on bella from ‘twilight’).

anyway, i have been actively reading lately, thanks to my friend, yeefong, who lent me two books over the winter:

running with scissors – memoir by Augusten Burroughs

never let me go – a dystopian science fiction novel by Kazuo Ishiguro

i’m still just a third into the latter but am enjoying it immensely. the first book by burroughs was definitely one i could not put down – even though i pretty much was disgusted by all the people the author was surrounded by during his early life as a teen.

for the last year or so, i was having a difficulty focusing on reading. i would pick up a book, read a bit and even though it was well written and interesting, i just could not get through it. i don’t know – possibly a phase in my life which i hope to minimize because really, i love to read.

i’m looking forward to discovering more books this summer.


2 thoughts on “50 shades of puke

  1. I love how you put it…”50 shades of puke”. I was curious about this book due to all the hype, but I won’t waste my time now. I loved Never Let Me Go. Enjoy.

    • but who am i kidding – eventually, the curiosity is going to get to me. or just some one saying, “well you can’t bash it if you haven’t read it…” will send me over the edge.

      if i read it, i’m not going to tell anyone. :p

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