first camping trip of 2012 – with our sad little old trailer

last friday night, we left with our sad little old trailer (inherited from doug’s late grandfather), up to lake simcoe for a two-night camping trip.

i must say, as old and tiny as our trailer is, it was so cozy and just so much fun to use. but i am not exaggerating when i say how tiny it is. it is suppose to sleep up to four adults but i honestly can not see how. for us – two adults, a child and a dog – it’s just about right. but i’m not at all sure what we will do when chaeli gets bigger. i think, however, it will sustain us for the next few years. after that, who knows – a bigger trailer might be in the works because i will admit one thing…

it’s addictive. because now that we have this little, moveable living space, doug and i can’t help but to look at other bigger and more modern trailers from nearby camp sites or when we’re driving on the road. i’m still not interested in the really big ones – but would be happy to have one with a bathroom that has a shower. and i separate sleeping area – the main bed in ours converts into a kitchen during the day. i should take photos of the inside to post. here’s one of the exterior from this past weekend.

small trailer

our sad little trailer – which we love

it was a great weekend – great weather, low mosquitoes and just very relaxing.

i discovered how much i loved the mornings, though. doug would be in the kitchen, making coffee and i would sit at the little table, chatting and just enjoying our company – as husband and wife and as best friends. when the coffee was made, he would pour each of us a cup while we continued talking. most of our conversations were plans of what we wanted to do with our trailer – where we wanted to go next and perhaps a road trip using the trailer for next year’s vacation.

i loved it. the space was small but we were comfortable. and yet, that cozy feeling made me feel at peace and very secure. most of all, i was just loving those little moments with doug.

meanwhile, chaeli could not wait to be outside. hobbes would have to be with her. he is only content in chilling out in the trailer if we are all together. otherwise, his natural instincts takes over and he isn’t able to relax when chaeli is outside and unguarded (by him, mainly). it’s fine for us – she’s not far away, of course, but hobbes will let out an alarming string of barks if anyone were to come towards her.

hobbes - our dog

guarding our campsite with that oh-so ferocious look

chaeli loves looking for bugs. she’s not fond of spiders but will pick up earth worms, and her favourite, inch worms. we happened to find an inch worm which landed on doug’s shirt as he made his way back from the campground comfort station. chaeli was beside herself and she carried the inch worm around her hand for a bit before finding a safe tree to set it down on.

we didn’t do a lot of exploring this time. most past camping trips, we would have a picnic somewhere by the water but the mosquitoes were more active in those areas. plus, my parents came with cold noodles for lunch. i suppose we just went with our mood – we were content on just sitting there by the campfire. my father and chaeli had fun feeding more wood to the fire.

before leaving, however, we managed to stop by the leash-free dog area. the same one we always stopped at in the past so the photos i took are the exact same visions from as far back as the very first camping trip we took chaeli on – she was just 1.5 yrs old then. here’s a photo of of that first trip – and below it was one of the few photos i took before leaving this time around:

chaeli - 1.5 years

chaeli’s first camping trip, 2005

lake simcoe

favourite view of lake simcoe

we came home with some minimal unpacking/laundry. the beauty of having a trailer is that we’ll have a place to store all our camping gear. the only thing we need to do is pack/unpack clothes and food. it will make it easier to do more camping trips with less work – as most campers know, tent camping is great but for just one or two nights, you spend more time preparing for it then it’s worth for just a couple of days. and since we plan on leaving after work/school on friday’s, there’s the added bonus of not worrying about arriving in the dark – nothing to set up.

sleeping in the trailer must have been pretty good – none of us felt as tired as we normally would after tent-camping.

well, except hobbes. he was completely out – all that guarding and being on edge finally did him in.

hobbes - asleep

a very pooped poopie-dog.


One thought on “first camping trip of 2012 – with our sad little old trailer

  1. Looks like a fun camping trip! I recently bought a similar trailer and always joke the we could fit three trailers in the tent we used to use for our family. We are planning on Sleeping 4 in ours, it will be tight.

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