business trip

business trips are always interesting. people who normally do not go on business trips ooohh and aaahh whenever i tell them i’m going on one soon. then i have to put my hand up and say, “yeah – it’s not that exciting. especially where i’m going. and believe me – i don’t get to do anything fun.”

this week, i was in the state of new york – around the buffalo region. i will admit i had fun with my co-workers (getting out of our main office, dining together, having some good laughs) but the days were long. by the time i checked into my hotel room, it was 10pm.

people also ooohh and aaahh when you tell them which hotel the company has set you up in. it’s never a really fancy hotel but usually around the 4-star mark.

once again, i put my hand up to stop them. even if they did set us up in the most luxurious hotel in the world, the fact that i only get to spend time in it for 3-4 waking hours, of which i’m usually going through my notes from the day, it’s not like i get much time to enjoy the grounds and facilities.

i did, however, manage to workout twice – swapping much needed sleep just so i can throw in some yoga and cardio. but this isn’t something most people do. mainly because they aren’t insane and i, no doubt, am.

my husband emailed me, “hope you guys have an amazing dinner.”

once again, you guessed it, i emailed back what i can only describe as a virtual “speak to the hand” gesture as i replied with, “[CITY NAME] is not a place known for their fine dining. AT ALL. for example, i was at an italian restaurant and they didn’t even know what a Pelligrino was. club soda was the only type of ‘sparkling water’ we could get.”

i will say one thing – the americans do know their quantity. i always get a large serving – one where i can ask for a doggie bag for lunch the next day. and if you go to a nice enough restaurant, you will get decent food. one time, we found a little greek diner – the chicken souvlaki was made of the most tender and fresh chicken breast ever. so not all is at a loss.

it’s just that i admit i can be a bit of a foodie-snob. so while i’ll eat anything without much complaint, just don’t wish me a ‘happy fine-dining’ experience in a place where that pretty much does not exist.


One thought on “business trip

  1. im a big fitness enthusiast too, so i love reading your blog. maybe you’ll like mine too 😉 keep going!

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