my mother’s day surprise(s)

i called in sick yesterday – i actually felt myself coming down with something on sunday (mother’s day of all days) but it hit me harder monday morning. i’m back to the daily grind but am feeling so weak.

still, i managed to have a very nice mother’s day weekend.

my favourite part was saturday morning. doug was working but i mentioned to him earlier in the week my plans to take chaeli out for brunch while he was on shift – as a mother-daughter, pre-mother’s day celebration. and we hadn’t gone back to cora‘s for awhile so i figured we were due.

as we were getting ready the morning of, i asked chaeli if she knew where we were going and she said, “yup! i’m taking you to cora’s!”

“oh,” i said, “did daddy tell you already?”

“uh huh – but it doesn’t really make sense. i can’t drive so how can i take you?”

“well, don’t worry about that. i’ll drive.”

so off we went.

as we stood in line, waiting to be seated, i teased chaeli, “so, does this mean you’re paying?”

she stood there and smiled. then she slowly nodded and reached into her little hand bag. to my surprise, she pulled out a gift card for $25!

i asked her, “did daddy give you this?”

“yup!” she said, very proud of herself, obviously, for being able to keep a secret for half a week.

the gift card was more then enough to cover our breakfast – there’s actually a remaining balance which we will use up the next time we go back (with doug, of course).

french toast with mixed berries

my mixed berries and french toast brunch

chaeli had the kid’s eggs, sausage/bacon, potatoes, toast and chocolate milk. i had their french toast and mixed berries special. it was EXACTLY what i had been craving for awhile. thick french toast (they used ciabatta bread), a generous heap of sliced strawberries, blueberries and my favourite, blackberries – all drizzled with raspberry coulis, a light cream sauce and then sprinkled with icing sugar. i ate most of it without any pancake syrup because it was that good on it’s own. i only added the syrup at the end just to see what it would taste like.

what a nice surprise! i text-ed doug right away to thank him.

after brunch, chaeli and i went to winners for a bit of shopping. i was looking for a pair of summer, low heel, black shoes and a pair of sport sandals for chaeli. she had me try on a lot of shoes, though – picking out some outrageous heels i would never wear! funny thing, one pair looked great on me but the price wasn’t low enough for me to feel that it was a good enough bargain. and i wasn’t sure what i would ever wear with it.

i treated myself to a new yoga matt and chaeli to a new casual dress. hobbes also got two new toys which he’ll get on his birthday this weekend.

the next morning, he came home from his shift with a bouquet of flowers for me. and a bouquet for my mom as well. chaeli was disappointed we didn’t get a chance to do breakfast in bed but she did help doug prepare my favourite way of eating eggs – eggs ‘n toast.

we had little time to sit around and enjoy our sunday morning since we had to prepare some food to bring over to my parents’ place. but i managed to have half an hour or so to sip my coffee and listen to some jazz.


One thought on “my mother’s day surprise(s)

  1. Sounds like a great mother’s day weekend! I love that Doug was thoughtful enough to get that gift card for Chaeli to use, and how sweet that she and her dad planned that for you. So nice!!

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