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i wish i could just have regular milk but i can’t. i love milk but it does a number on me so i’ve recently switched to lactose-free milk. except now, after blogging about my switch, i learned about some research linking lactose-free milk to serious brain illnesses, such as alzheimer and parkinson.

i guess i’ll just stick with my soy beverages. *sigh* anyway, read more…


2 thoughts on “lactose-free milk

  1. Oh my! I’m lactose-intolerant too, as you know, and I never knew that about lactose-free milk. I’ve always used soy milk, but now you’ve got me wondering about that milk. I thought it was lactose-free simply by the addition of lactase. If that’s true, well, I take lactase pills when eating dairy, and now I’m wondering if I should be looking into that.

    • the only thing i’ve found regarding lactose-free milk is that because it is an ultra-highly pasteurized milk, that is the direct link to health issues. so it’s actually safer to just stick with soy. or use your lactaid pill in order to have milk. there doesn’t seem to be a link with the pill and all those brain illnesses.

      it’s too bad – i did finish one 2L carton of the lactose-free milk (i’m assuming the studies are based on pro-longed use of that type of milk) and i have to admit it tasted pretty good. there was a little bit more sweetness to it then regular milk.

      anyway, i’m happy with my original flavour So Good soy milk. it’s got the nutrients i need and it tastes great!

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