the phenomenom of drake (the musician, not the hotel)

i prefer the hotel.

the musician? not so much. but the thing is this – i actually think the guy is a riot. when he’s not annoying me with his ultra-nasal and what i can only describe as forced-low-tone. like, it sounds like he’s pushing his vocal cords in an unnatural way. actually, it sounds painful – and i often envision him downing some hot water with lemon and honey after a concert… maybe sucking down some fisherman’s friend, as well.

he seems to have a really pleasant personality – down to earth and even quite funny.

but his music – his voice! ugh!

i tolerate the one song he sings with rihanna (‘take care’ – the deep house vibe influence brings back good memories for me from my clubbing days).

yet, he’s famous. people love him – the kids love him. i don’t get it, but he’s obviously doing very well for himself.

i just want some one to explain to me what it is that’s made him so famous. really – i want some one, and i’ll be very open with seeing things from a different perspective, as to what it is about his ‘talent’ that’s made him take off.

i want to like this man. i really, really do. i want to be supportive of his music career.

but… i just don’t get it!


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