girl time shopping, brunch at the mill and hobbes the monkey

it was a strange weekend – not a bad weekend. just one where i never felt i could get enough sleep even though i had at least two nights of solid sleep. but come afternoon, i would be ready for a major nap. not just a power nap – but i’d be down for at least an hour… or more!

i’m thankful chaeli’s at an age where she knows to play on her own and be quiet while we’re snoozing. it’s essential – with doug’s 24 hr shift work, he sometimes (like this sunday) comes home completely zonked after going to a few, or even several, fire/medic calls overnight. he doesn’t sleep the whole day away but needs a couple of hours on the couch in order to make it through to night time.

but around all the sleepiness, we had a good weekend.

since doug was at the fire station all day saturday, i took the opportunity to do a bit of shopping for chaeli. mainly, she needed some summer, casual sandals and a new pair of aqua socks. i needed to do a bit of grocery shopping and as a treat, i bought myself some lovely, sterling silver hoop earrings – and i also bought a pair of sterling silver ‘s’ (for ‘shy’) shape earrings. i’m wearing the ‘s’ shape one right now. just one on the middle hold of my right ear. it’s small and hugs the ear but very cute. chaeli enjoyed picking the ear rings out with me.

i also bought chaeli some new capri tights and a couple of t-shirts on sale at the children place – but i notice that i don’t enjoy buying from there anymore. it was great while chaeli was growing up but honestly, that place seems to stay close to the same styles year after year, only changing colours and patterns. i think i need to explore more junior stores for chaeli. the only reason i go back to the children’s place is because they do have both basic long/short sleeve t’s and graphic t’s, usually, when on sale, at a decent price.

sunday morning, we went to our friends’ house – P & L – and left hobbes with their dog in the kitchen. we stayed for a bit to let hobbes get comfortable and then my friend, P, gated them up in the kitchen.

we then headed out for a sunday brunch at ‘the old mill’ (it’s an inn famous for weddings, showers, has an inn and a spa and well known for it’s sunday brunches) to use up these gift cards we both had. anyway… as we drove off, i look back and what do i see? hobbes’ face pressed up against their living room window.

that’s right. the little monkey jumped the gate (the kitchen is at the very back of the house) and ran to the window to watch us leave. i was a bit nervous of what he would do during the 2-2.5 hrs we were gone but when we got back, all was fine.

though i felt sorry for their dog. all that time, he was stuck in the kitchen while hobbes, the guest, had free range of the whole house.


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