easter bunny dialogue

coloured easter eggs

our egg-art for the year

Easter egg hunt was good this year but I think this is the last year Chaeli believes in The Bunny dude.

A couple of nights before easter, Doug was tucking Chaeli in for the night. She said, “Daddy, I don’t know if there’s such a thing as the Easter Bunny.”

Doug is thinking, ‘Oh crap! I just spent $50 on chocolate!’ (And when he told me this part, I was like, “Oh crap! $50??? I asked you to help me this year, not empty the bank!” I usually spend about half that much – I think he was compensating for the first Easter Sunday he has to work.)

He played along with little miss and said, “Why do you say that?”

“Dad… It’s a RABBIT!” But you have to picture this 8 year old girl, going on 25, like she was saying, “Dude… Come on. How the hell can a rabbit, one TINY rabbit, do all that?”

easter egg hunt

pausing to inspect her loot

The morning of the egg hunt, she paused for a moment and asked, “Mommy… Is this from the Easter Bunny? Or from you and daddy?”

Yup, she’s totally onto us.

finding a treat

she wasn't able to reach this high last year


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