easter monday – father and daughter day

i have to blog about easter but need to sort through the photos and upload them first.

i use to be more devoted to my photography – lately, i just haven’t been inspired. which is fine. when we go on our vacation this summer, it might hit me then. so a break is not a bad thing.

for now, i’ll blog just about yesterday. it was easter monday and while i had to work, doug and chaeli both had the day off. i wish i was with them, of course, but didn’t mind so much because when i got home, due to the lack of homework and the absence of the after work/school rush, it was a peaceful evening.

in fact, its what i look forward to during our summer months. there will still be the drop-off and pick-up with chaeli’s summer camp. but not having to dedicate time for homework makes a huge difference in one’s daily schedule. i look forward to the day where she’s doing homework more on her own, though i know (or predict) that we’ll still have to push her to just hurry up and get with it – the earlier she can get it done, the more time she has for leisure activities (this is what we’re trying to teach her now – it’s a never-ending struggle). and it’s not that i don’t appreciate the homework she’s given – obviously it has its value. but still – when you don’t get home until close to 6pm and you want your kid in bed no later then 8:30pm because she has to wake up around 6:30am the next day, it’s a very, very tight schedule.

this is when i get why it’s easier for one parent to stay at home. or why people hire a nanny.

thankfully, on days doug does not have to work, it’s made the schedule a little easier. for one, he will do the drop-off and pick-up. but still… the rush hovers over us. maybe not as greatly, but it still does.

anyway, yesterday was not like this type of day and i was very thankful of it. i had time to create an antipasto spread while we had some yummy, mixed spring greens, bococcini and procuitto salad (honey-lemon dressing) and some leftover roast beef from easter dinner. i sipped my red wine – one we bought last fall when doug and i went on a bit of a self-guided wine tour in the niagara region (aged for several months now, it definitly tastes better then the day we taste tested it) – and indulged our generous spread. no one was really served anything – all was just put in the middle and up for grabs by fingers both large and small.

doug also took chaeli to dim sum earlier in the day. i admit i was a bit jealous but at the same time, was glad to hear they did a father-daughter thing. just the two of them. in fact, they had a great day together which made me feel content. they have been spending some of their spare time painting miniature war game soldiers and yesterday, had enough to start a game (no idea how it’s played but it seems to involve rolling a dice and measuring out distances – this is doug’s geeky guilty pleasures).

it’s always a challenge to entertain a kid all by yourself and i admit i wasn’t at my best this weekend. friday was not so bad – chaeli and i went to the dog park then i treated her to mc d’s for lunch. we spent some time geeking out on sci-fi movies like transformers and star trek (2009 release). but on sunday, my stomach was bothering me and i had very little sleep the night before (late night + snoring husband) so she was left on her own with her nintendo while i took a couple of naps. doug made up for his by doing a lot with her yesterday.


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