mortal kombat, dry pasta and denis leary

another weekend come and gone and once again, plans to sit down and blog just never happened. on one end, i’m sad that i’m not blogging as much. but on the other side of the coin, i’m glad i’m living my weekend to the fullest.

we didn’t do anything major this weekend. saturday was rainy so we stayed in. except for saturday morning, when i went shopping at costco to replenish some supplies and ended up coming back with a ps3 game – mortal kombat vs dc universe.

needless to say, we geeked out all afternoon on the ps3. chaeli was in love with our new combat game. and then we ended up watching the last half of bullet proof monk (we saw the first half before – never got to finish it). i asked her if she liked watching these types of martial art combat movies. and she nodded with enthusiasm. it totally reminded me of my own childhood – i grew up watching b-rated kung-fu and karate movies with my dad.

so i looked up mortal kombat and streetfighter dvd prices. they were awful movies but i can’t help it. any chance to educate my child’s geekiness in the world of video game characters and comic books is pretty much a priority for me.

i know – they were bad movies. but the cult following was pretty big and yes, i admit – i’m one of the numbers that make up that cult.

we ended saturday night with some very thick AAA rib grilling steaks (thank-you, costco), garlic mashed potato and steamed brocolli.

sunday was a nice sleep-in morning, followed by a pancakes and sausage brunch – and some fresh blackberries to go with my pancake (it’s my latest thing – i’ve been buying them almost weekly). after some more geek-out time between doug and chaeli, i asked that we stop before the rest of the day gets wasted away.

we got ready and headed out for a walk in a nearby park with a fenced-in dog park. before leaving, we caught the ice cream truck and enjoyed a treat – even hobbes.

sunday evening, doug made a dry pasta that called for string beans, soy beans, asparagus, grilled chicken cubes and sausage – with a garlic and lemon, oil-base sauce. he sprinkled it with some toasted bread crumbs and parmesan cheese. best home made pasta i’ve had in a long time.

in between all these low-key activities, i have been watching Rescue Me – i’m near the end of season 2 and am totally hooked. what is it about denis leary’s character? i love him and hate him – sometimes going back and forth. it’s definitely the bad-boy image. sometimes, he is like a hero but then he’s a scumbag.

and yet – he gets all the women. while it’s fiction, lets be honest. this happens in real life pretty much all the time.


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