march break madness

i actually planned on blogging during my week off for march break. what can i say? i had other things to catch up on. some work at home, yes – but also i wanted to catch up on spending time at starbucks with my husband, after our morning workouts, and having some short naps with hobbes during siesta time. my priorities were shifted last week.

on top of that, a recap of weekly events:

  • chaeli went to a march break art camp. i always am on the fence of sending her to any type of camp during the winter or march break. but truth be told, i wanted to get some personal things done and keep her productive and, of course, chaeli wanted to do this which made the decision easier. well, it was an amazing idea. she had a blast. while this program was run through the city, making it extremely affordable, what i liked was that they had special instructors who lead each of the 5 elements of study – painting, printing, craft, pottery and chaeli’s favourite, photography. this was not a camp run just by teens (though teens were there to assist). she’s signed back to this place for two sessions in the summer.
  • we had fabulous weather so after picking chaeli up in the afternoon, we would go to a dog park or take hobbes out for a walk.
  • on the one rainy day, i took chaeli to a nail place. we both got a manicure – though i have to say i’ll never go back to this place again. the cost was not at all worth it. while the one lady did a good job on my cuticles, she took too long (making the wait for chaeli a bit tough). and the lady who did the paint job… well, it was the worse ‘professional’ paint job i’ve ever received. i think back to the day i went out with my friend, B, to get our nails done for only $8 and am almost sick to my stomach that i had to pay $15 for my nails at this place (problem is that in my area, that’s the going rate). at least chaeli’s paint job was only $6.
  • we went to a new sushi place – all you can eat. it was decent but not amazing. but they did have an amazing array of sushi, maki rolls, sashimi and handrolls – all made fresh with each order and then brought to your table. still, it was nice to go out to eat mid-week rather then have to cook and clean up dishes.
  • we ended the week watching a live, professional lacrosse game downtown. when we first arrived at will call to pick up our tickets, we were told that they didn’t have our seats available for the section we purchased for. the girl actually tried to give us seats in the upper bowl section. we purchased seats in the reds – lower bowl and 2nd section behind the platinum rows. i wouldn’t have it. so after waiting for another person to hear us out and then for him to discuss with his manager, they gave us our three tickets. but we only realized how close we were to the field when we got to our seats – they gave us platinum centre… ROW THREE! the photo below is a bit blurry because we used doug’s blackberry – but it shows how close we were to the action.
Toronto Rock and Buffalo lacrosse game

Toronto Rock getting their ass kicked from Buffalo Bandits

  • i got to squeeze in a couple extra yoga sessions which was in itself sheer bliss for me. my body felt it, though. they were not easy classes – both had elements of power yoga.
  • we ended our weekend quietly but managed to go out for one more outing at the dog park by cherry beach. doug worked saturday, however, so i stayed up watching twilight – breaking dawn part 1. which was much more restful then doug who had four calls to go to overnight, leaving him with only, at most, two hours of sleep. the below is hobbes, cuddling up to a very tired firefighter (something hobbes is now getting use to):
faithful dog and his owner

"daddy - you're finally home! where have you been all this time?"


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