family togetherness in cleaning

Yesterday morning, we spent a good solid 2 hours cleaning our house.

Notice I use the word, “WE” rather than “I” – because for the first time ever, we did it together.

I’ve been talking a lot about how I feel like I take on way more than I can around the house and managing Chaeli’s school aspects of her life. With work becoming more demanding, I simply can not afford to have so little time to myself.

We agreed to do this, just for starters, once every 4 weeks – have everyone pitch in, taking our own areas of strength. I’ve never seen so many different areas of our house this clean! And it felt good… To look over and see both Doug and Chaeli happily doing their share… To have them there for light chit-chat and laughter.

More importantly, I didn’t feel like this was some monstrous task all on my own. I didn’t feel alone… Period.

Doug did a bang up job on the floors, cobwebs, drapes, mirrors and some interior windows.

Chaeli did an equally good job tackling the window sills, door knobs, light switches and surfaces of her room with some disinfectant wipes. We, of course gave her the area of up to her eye-level range. 🙂

I have no problem doing some maintenance cleaning once or twice in between. This family cleaning day just makes everything much more bareable


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