on david beckham’s underwear

i know this is old news but as usual, it takes me awhile to catch-up.

this commercial – the one where all the women at work have been nagging me to see – the one where david beckham poses in H&M’s underwear – was aired during superbowl. and it was all the talk the next day.

[by the way… i didn’t watch much of superbowl. unlike most people in north america, i don’t really get football. i tried to catch halftime but only caught the last three minutes. my thought? what a sweet deal. she performs for 7 minutes and gets paid millions.]

so last night, i remembered to pull it up on youtube.

my thoughts?

i don’t like the underwear. at all. and while beckham does have a gorgeous face and beautiful physique, i actually was turned off by the white undies. completely. the only scenes where he looked beautiful to me were the head shots.

oh… and that come-hither-charming look at the very end because the man does have a fabulous smile. i’ll give him that.

i suppose i’m one of the rare few that just didn’t get the hoopla.


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