monday mood points to BAD

it’s now the start of a new week but i feel like it’s been a continuation of last week – which happened to be a very long and rough week. i’m not in a good mood. at all. so indulge me while i let it all out and vent my ass off.

pet peeves:

  • people who think they know graphic design theory and want to give you the most useless suggestions ever
  • i tried to register for e-billing for my hydro. it should be easy, right? i have so far converted everything else to e-billing. well, apparently, i need an activation code to create my online account. how do i get this activation code? by snail mail. gayest thing i’ve ever heard.
  • the typical walmart clientele in my area. why is that every time i shop at walmart, i end up getting stuck behind a person or couple who decides that it’s okay to walk and push their shopping cart at an unbearable slow crawl while taking up the entire middle of an aisle? believe me, i even try to go another route but somewhere along the line, i always find myself behind the SAME person/people. without fail – EVERY TIME!
  • finding a casserole dish caked with dried up food from last week hiding in the oven (love my husband, not his habits).
  • my clumsiness. i continue to drop things and stumble when i walk. i’m not normal.

One thought on “monday mood points to BAD

  1. Those SAME people are at my wal mart! I feel like such an impatient jerk but I’ve got stuff to do and two ticking time bombs in my cart and MOVE it already slow pokes.

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