shopping, new wardrobe and birthday girl

  • i’ve been a bit of a shoping fiend as of lately. it’s hard to resist – there’s been amazing clearance sales. online too! with free shipping! and 20% off the lowest marked price! AND a $25 coupon to be used within the month of february! so i ended up buying two tops, one skirt, one faux-fir trimmed cardi and two pieces of jewellery. it averaged out to be under $10 each.
  • speaking of clothes, i’m very much done and complete with my fall/winter wardrobe. the problem is, i’m not entirely done shopping. spring/summer will be here and none of my clothes fit from last year as well. hopefully, the weight will be maintained but it does mean that i have to save and budget for a couple of more shopping sprees. i still do have some carpi’s and shorts i can sort of pass off with a belt – i will use them for casual clothes (which will save me money – i much rather put my money into work clothes and really save during end of the season clearances for the casual stuff).
  • my baby girl (so not a baby anymore, really) is turning eight  this weekend. EIGHT! the older they get, the faster they grow. or so it seems. i have to admit though – i love this age. so much seems to be coming together. but it scares me how time flies so quickly! we’ve always made a priority to get our quality family time in (mostly on weekends) but this year, i think i would to kick that up a notch.

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