manicures, keyword searches and fire stations

  • my nails – i have a girl’s mani-pedi outing in a couple of weeks with a friend of mine. i’m trying really hard to just let my nails grow long so that it can be a nice manicure. but it’s getting longer then my comfort zone. i hate typing with long nails. but i’m terrible at filing my nails down properly to even lengths. normally, i just let them grow until they start to frustrate me and then clip them down to a short length. no, i’m not really a girly-girl but i do like doing girly-girl things once in awhile. i wish i had time to go for a quick manicure now. but this week is already going to be crazy. just no time.
  • i’ve been experimenting with different recipes lately. now that doug is working his 24 hr shifts, meals are no longer prepared when he’s away at home. so, for starters, i’ve been picking the all-in-one casseroles or crockpot recipes that’s not too complex. i actually can come up with some really yummy meals but to be honest, i’ve never really been comfortable in the kitchen. now that i have to cook for chaeli and myself, i’m starting to do whatever i can so that it’s not all that intimidating. and lets face it, it is mainly for chaeli and doug (when he is just coming off of a shift and i want to give him a break). if i was just feeding myself, it would be pretty easy – sandwich and soup!
  • speaking of doug’s shift, everyone envisions firefighters sitting around in their hall, watching tv and eating when they don’t have a call. i can’t speak for all cities but the city that doug is employed with is far from that. it’s actually very inspirational. all the choirs – cleaning, mowing the lawn, cutting the grass, washing the trucks, laundry and washing their equipment – are all done by the firefighters. they do eat very well but the money for food comes from their own pockets. no cleaning service is hired to do any of these jobs – which saves the tax payers from paying into these services. they try to do all their daily choirs during the day so that after dinner (and dinner clean-up) they can take a break (unless they get a call).
  • so what do i do when doug is working through the night? i am on netflix – watching angel (buffy the vampire slayer spin-off). i didn’t think i would like it as much as buffy but actually, i’m loving it. and not anymore or less then buffy – in fact, it’s hard to even compare the two. they became their own entity. pity i’m halfway through season four – and there’s only five seasons.
  • there’s a post i created a few years ago called ‘a very first in our 7.5 years of marriage‘ which keeps on coming up on my wordpress stats as a very popular post people seem to pull up. i’m not exactly sure what it is about this post that draws people’s attention. it’s  probably related to their key word search. but still – i’m perplexed as to why they care to read about my marriage. maybe they thought it was something really juicy? or perverse? well, if so, they were all probably disappointed that it was just about our very first dining table purchase. and my geekiness over ikea.

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