damn firefighters

every time doug is on shift, he emails me their menu for the day. and it’s always good.

so cruel.

and do you know that whenever they work a sunday shift, a nice old lady down the street drops off two different types of home made pies? EVERY SUNDAY!

i asked doug, “why? what’s it for?”

he replied, “because it’s sunday.”

“you mean, she does this JUST because it’s sunday?”


“for no reason?”

“yup. she just likes to bake. and she likes firefighters.”

“well… what kind of pies?”

“umm… coconut cream pie aaannd… lets see… oh yes! maple pecan!”

we should all become firefighters.

just for the pie.


3 thoughts on “damn firefighters

    • sorry for the late reply. yes – they eat well. but they deserve it. they work hard even if they are not on call. my husband says that they arrive early, do a safety check on all their equipment, have breakfast and then do choirs, choirs, choirs.

      they have no cleaning service, no hires to do the lawn (or snow in the winter time), no one to do their laundry, nor do they have anyone to wash their trucks, etc. the tax payer’s money is certainly saved because in between calls, they are expected to do all of this.

      food cost is divided amongst the fire fighters on their respective shift. the only down time they have is if they get their choirs done and there’s no call (which can happen sometimes after dinner and the last clean-up in the kitchen).

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