it’s all downhill from here

since doug started his 7 x 24hrs shifts (per 4 week cycle), he’s had a lot of time to now take chaeli to school, as well as pick her up from school.


up until now, the grade two teachers saw me pretty much all the time. yesterday was the first time i set foot in her school since before the holidays. the teacher looked surprised, “hey! i was wondering where you went? were you sick? busy?”

so i explained how our schedule and routine is going to be much more balanced from now on – that now that my husband is working as a 5th class firefighter, his shifts are long but spread out.

when one of chaeli’s classmates heard ‘chaeli’s dad is now working as a firefighter’, i heard him say, “whoooaaa! you’re dad’s a firefighter?”

and then when i explained to her teacher how the nature of the 24 hr shift will make him have to sleep overnight at his fire station. as soon as i said, ‘sleep overnight at his fire station’ i heard another kid say, “siiiiiic!!!!!”

as i walked down the hall towards the front exit with chaeli, i thought to myself, damn. i’m never going to be the parent with a cool job will i? her friends will be over and they’ll all be like, “hey mister T! what up? put out any fires lately?*”

i’ll be standing there like chopped liver meekly sharing what i did at work, “umm… i just finished a email marketing campaign that will run once a month for the next six months?”

[insert crickets chirping]

*okay – so i don’t know how the kids talk these days but you get the picture.


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