the art of being lazy

i had my first lazy sunday of 2012.

more importantly, it was the first lazy sunday in a very long time.

as i sat on the couch, listening to tunes and sipping coffee, i commented to doug, “you know, this is what i miss. we use to do this so much more often. especially before christmas – we would carve out some time once or twice a week where we would just sit here with the tree lights on, some christmas music and would either talk or read or just do nothing at all…”

this past sunday, i stayed in my pj’s and spent a majority of my time sitting on the couch reading comic books (buffy the vampire slayer, season 8). i did do the laundry but other than that, i was in complete pamper-mode.

fuzzy socks for lounging

i even dressed appropriately. i had on my large, navy blue, old navy t-shirt which is my favourite pj top, pj bottoms that are like lounging shorts, a big, purple, over-sized, v-neck sweater that i got a long time ago (so it’s very old and therefore very comfortable) from cotton ginny (i don’t think that store is even around anymore) and my blue, fuzzy socks (i have one pair in pink too).

it was the best lounging outfit. yes – lounging clothes makes a big difference. the art of picking what to wear can make or break one’s comfort and optimal laziness. i woke up with that goal and wasn’t going to give up the opportunity for my lazy-sunday.

i succeeded this past sunday.


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