there’s just not enough hours in a weekend

i don’t want to say that there’s not enough hours in a day. because that would mean that i would just end up spending even more of my daytime at work.

but hours in a weekend? yes, please. at least leading up to christmas.

i can’t believe the “biggest and best holiday of the year” (according to my 7 year old) is less than two weeks away.


thankfully, shopping has been done but now the dreaded part awaits – the wrapping. and i really wanted to start this past weekend but it was hard enough to fit time in to decorate the tree.

we did it though – i mean, we had to get pizza delivery just to get it done in time without a late bedtime for chaeli… but we did it.

we also kicked start the season with Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe Christmas Show this past saturday. we went with new friends, p. & l. this year, something p. and i floated around as an idea last year.

a good idea it was! we met up for some yummy pub food at a local irish pub. the difference with this pub’s food is that it’s a bit more upscale without the upscale price.

then after the show, we went to another bar for some midnight snacking and beverages.

i can’t remember the last time doug and i stayed out until midnight. this is exactly why babysitting is required every now and then. i need to remember that!

it was such a fun night. and while the show was superb, my favourite times were more just the talking, laughing and general good merriment experienced by all.


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