every now and then i need to cleanse my soul…

  • i like that song from selena gomaz. that ‘i love you like a love song, baby’ one. chaeli likes it too but that’s okay. she’s 7. no one expects her to have a refined taste in music. i’m turning 39 in a couple of weeks. what’s my excuse? did i mention it was from selena gomez? (though she does seem like a decent kid so i’m rooting for her to have a successful life)

still looks good at 52

  • most nights, i sing some songs to chaeli at bedtime. sometimes, doug will lie on her bedroom floor and catch a quick cat nap. he isn’t a big fan of some of the songs i choose to sing. not because of the melody but because of the lyrics. so sometimes, i’ll wait until they’re both asleep before i break out into the morrissey thing… “and if a double decker bus… crashes into us… to die by your side… what a heavenly way to die.”
  • i like it when doug showers in the morning. because i’m still in bed and the sound of the shower always makes me feel peaceful. it’s a nice way to wake up.

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