hospital visits, shopping online and tis the season

my dad went to the ER last tuesday night.

it was really, a horrible week.

he did get transferred into a normal room but even then, we still didn’t know the full story of what was wrong with him. he arrived at the hospital suffering horrible upper, abdominal pain – he wasn’t even able to stand up fully. he was also shaking violently and uncontrollably and had a soaring fever. it was evident that his pancreas was inflamed but why, they didn’t know.

by friday, we knew the name of the bacteria – gamma negative bacilli. by saturday, we knew the strain of the bacteria – e coli. and by sunday, we learned that the e coli was actually produced from within his body – his gall bladder. which will be removed after he heals.

they changed the type of his antibiotics three times – the first not really working because at the time, they didn’t know what bacteria it was and when they found out, they knew right away that the antibiotics they were using was useless. gamma negative bacilli responds to only a few types of antibiotics.

i left work early everyday to be with him, even though he protested, stating he would be fine and i needn’t come everyday. i didn’t want to tell him that i was doing it more for myself then for him. all that ‘not knowing’ part flooded me with unfortunate memories of when my grandmother entered in to the hospital. and she never came back.

but, it seems that he is progressing slowly back. now that he’s at home, a nurse comes ever evening to administer the antibiotics through IV. he will continue on the meds until a week from now. then he’ll have to go back for more blood work to determine if they’ve zapped the bacteria – they need to have it controlled before they remove his gall bladder.

i’m more relieved then i was leading up to this past weekend. but still… i’ll feel better once those test results come back with a big fat negative.

to relieve my stress, i’ve been taking advantage of all the great deals online. i visited two online stores and saved myself a great deal. not only were all items on sale but there was an additional discount due to black friday. plus, free shipping and a use of a gift card for one of the stores. i think i walked away saving around $200.

click below collage to see individual purchases:

clothes and boots

clothes, clothes, clothes - and some boots

i also purchased some ‘jeggings’, a couple of casual t’s, two more blouses and these faux-snake skin pumps (something i’ve been wanting for awhile now). i also purchased a couple of tall boots last month… but i honestly have to dedicate an entire post just for boots alone. i’m not a huge fan of shopping (though doing it online is great) but one day, i hope to have a closet just for shoes and especially boots!

and to keep myself even more in good, positive spirits, i’ve been thinking and planning for christmas. this weekend, i’m looking forward to putting up some decorations – outdoors and indoors. but not the tree – or the train that goes around the tree. we’ll leave that to the weekend before since we want the tree to be fresh. and for hobbes not to destroy it.

but that last weekend, doug will start working at his assigned fire station. i can then plan to send hobbes to daycare on the days he’ll be working (which is only that one day during the week leading up to christmas weekend). i know hobbes. no way he’ll be able to resist ‘playing’ with the tree. or the ornaments on the tree. the last thing i want is to come home with a tree fallen over and ornaments everywhere.

anyway – i love christmas decorations. having our living room/dining room decked out will set a peaceful vibe.


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