colored people… really???

in the past couple of months, i’ve heard at least 3 times, people referring to specific visible minority groups as  ‘colored people’.  😐

is this term on a come-back? last i checked, this was an offensive term.

‘people of color’ is another term i’ve heard though not as often. in all honesty, i know this is suppose to be the more ‘politically correct’ term but to me, it’s not that much better.

my honest opinion? take the time to find out what this person’s ethnicity is or don’t make any comments at all.

it may not be fair to call all these people i’ve encountered using ‘colored people’ in their reference to other visible minorities racist – but i can definitely call them ignorant and even lazy.


2 thoughts on “colored people… really???

  1. People are so politically correct these days and also easily offended, so I think most people don’t know what to say. I don’t know in what context these words were used when you heard them, so I can’t say specifically. For instance, and this is somewhat off-topic, there is a Veteran the other day bitching about people saying Happy Veteran’s day. He said that if people said “Happy Veteran’s Day” then they didn’t understand the day. I asked him what we should say instead and he couldn’t answer me.

    • well, it varied. some people using it were plain ignorant and some were racist. but even the ignorant ones have shown levels of racism/discrimination in the past.

      i agree that being overly-pc is one thing. it can be overbard. but if you think about it, ‘colored people’ basically refers to anyone that’s not caucasian. since all these people i’ve heard use this term in the past couple of months are all caucasian, it just makes them look pretty idiotic.

      i would have to agree with the ‘happy veterans’ day remark even though i’m not a veteran nor know anyone who is. it doesn’t take a whole lot of intuition to realize that putting ‘happy’ in front of veteran’s day is a bit twisted. that’s like starting an email with ‘good morning’ followed by ‘we regret to inform you that due to down-sizing, the following people no longer are with the company…’ exactly how is that a good morning?

      i know people sometimes don’t mean any harm. the bigger problem i have is that way too many people these days just walk around and do not think. everyone seems to be more on autopilot and personally, it’s just all very tiring.

      as for veteran’s day – i don’t think anything should be said. i think it’s just best to pay our respects with the 2 minute silence, buy our poppies, wear them, donate money, and if we do speak of veteran’s day, the discussion should be focused on the future of the military.

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