madly rushed and random

  • chaeli had her surgery last week to get a cyst removed from her bottom, inner lip. it was a cyst that’s been there for several months and while sometimes, it does go away on its own, hers decided to stay. she was nervous. i was nervous. but they had a pre-surgery orientation two days before which was designed to ease any fears in children. it was a fabulous program and made a huge impact on both of our nerves. i would say that it cut down our nervousness by 90%. i’ll be writing a letter to the hospital, commending them on a great program.
  • i have been wondering for quite some time now – does katy perry have issues with letting go of her teen years? it seems that 3 out of her 4 last singles released have been about teen dreams and/or angst. maybe she’s just gearing towards a demographics. at least that’s what i hope. because otherwise, well, it’s a tad pathetic. and embarrassing. katy – you’re not a teen anymore. live in the moment!
  • i finally buckled down and did some shopping. and it was a good timing – i found some amazing sales. i now have enough of a wardrobe without having to wear any of my big pants, skirts and tops where i had to sadly hold up the bottoms with a belt. i even bought a pair of black, knee-high boots! loving the boots. they’re slick and quite comfortable with nice height from the heels.
  • doug made amazing chocolate chip pumpkin muffins yesterday. i ate two of them for dessert and brought in two more for today. granted, one of them is suppose to be for my manager but i haven’t told him yet. just in case i end up eating both!
  • i wanted to create another wordpress blog for just my ‘guilty pleasures‘ but there’s something wrong with the import function. i went to the discussion board and it looks like a lot of people are having the same problem. what’s ironic is that it’s just an xml file exported directly from an existing wordpress blog (under the respective category) and yet it’s not working. i still am waiting for a response from support – it’s been a few weeks now.
  • as of this past weekend, i have only the final items to shop for christmas gifts: one more stocking stuffer for doug and a present for our annual kid’s secret santa exchange.

One thought on “madly rushed and random

  1. I just made pumpkin muffins on the weekend, as well! I’m sure I didn’t enjoy it near as much as Doug did, though. Cursing the lady at the farm who told the kids “these pumpkins aren’t good for carving; they’re for making pies and cookies!”

    You’re on top of things! 45 days to christmas! I’m still getting through birthdays!!

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