and the list continues to shrink…

i wish all my life’s to-do list would shrink like this one. even though it’s a slow process, i’m just glad it’s moving forward.

sadly, i haven’t touched this list since a year ago. not that i’ve left it alone – i just forgot to cross things off as i did the tasks.

today, i ended up tackling the horrible storage space just outside our kitchen. we mainly keep things like serving plates, small appliances (that we don’t regularly – like our waffle maker) and other things like our punch bowl. but it was so messy – chaotically stuffed with little things. some things that i dug out went to the trash. others, we will most likely donate to the thrift store.

anyway, it was one of those ‘i don’t want to have to do it’ sort of deals. but today, as i was looking for something, a small bowl slipped off the shelf and broke to a billion pieces. the problem was that it was so jammed pack that anything could of easily fallen out if the ‘pile’ was disturbed.

yes – it was that bad.

so, i’m relieved to say it’s just one more thing to cross off! yeay!

phase I:

  • front closet
  • guest powder room – medicine cabinet and under sink
  • chaeli’s bathroom – medicine cabinet and under sink
  • under master bathroom sink
  • linen closet
  • wine cabinet
  • revisit the shelves of chaeli’s closet
  • fridge
  • kitchen sink storage space
  • kitchen cabinets – one cabinet and one drawer to go
  • revisit my walk-in closet
  • sort through some drawers in our master bedroom that’s gone a tad crazy

phase II:

  • storage closet by kitchen
  • office – like all of it
  • laundry room – doug has started this process
  • revist basement & storage space – doug is working on some
  • ice box

the italicized ones are tasks done in 2011.


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