tough week of tests

it’s been a rough week for chaeli. first, she had a fever and congestion (coughing and sniffling) this past weekend, leading her to miss school on monday.

if that wasn’t enough, she had four tests this week. FOUR.

damn right doug and i are pissed off. i know that this was just one of those fluke moments where all the tests just happened to fall on one week. one of them was suppose to be last week but got delayed for whatever reason.

still… do the teachers not get together and be a bit more mindful that these kids are only 7 or 8 years old? they still need 10-11 hours of sleep at night which almost hasn’t happened all week except for last night, when doug just said, “that’s it. this is stupid. she’s going to get good sleep tonight. if she doesn’t do well on her french test tomorrow, then so be it!”

there was part of me that agreed with him. but then another part of me, the part that knew chaeli wanted to do well, didn’t want to jeopardize her confidence. nor to extinguish that competitive side in her that’s not so much a strong suite when it comes to athletics/sports but does come out more during the academia side of things.

the one day where there wasn’t a test this week was a full day field trip which meant they didn’t have time to review the work in class.

anyway – we’ll see what happens. so far, she aced her science test and got an ‘excellent’ for her music performance test. today’s her french spelling test which she struggled with but i have a feeling she will get a good mark. and tomorrow is her english vocab test which so far, she’s shown little problems with during homework time (at least the home work is geared to help them prepare for the test).

doug and i agreed, though, that if this happens again, we will have a talk with the teachers. i know they are pressured to keep up to what they have to accomplish but all we’re asking is for tests to be spread out rather then happening all at once.

i feel like this is mid-terms. which would be fine except that this is just grade two for crying out loud!


2 thoughts on “tough week of tests

  1. Ridiculous! And I’m a teacher too. I wouldn’t be happy with this, and might even book an appt. with someone about it to discuss WHY so many in one week.

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