8th wedding anniversary with a little art and then some wine…

doug and i celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary this past saturday by heading down to niagara on the lake. it was a rainy and windy day but we made the best of it – at least all the activities were indoors.

rain on windshield

rainy day

we first stopped in st. catherine’s rodman hall’s art gallery since millie chen‘s art exhibit, ‘exquisite,’ is on display there – she’s a family friend of mine. i guess you could say we grew up together. millie has moved around a bit mainly due to her outstanding talent (my favourite of hers is the chinoiserie room at the gladstone hotel – one of the many artists designed rooms). we used to visit both her and her husband’s, warren quigley’s, exhibits more often and i now hope to go whenever possible.

the rules were that we were not to take photos of any artist’s work so i just took one of the entrance to her exhibit as well as the building’s architeture and grounds.

art exhibit by millie chen


rodman hall art centre building

outside of art gallery

back of building

backyard of building

we spent the rest of the day visiting five wineries – mostly the smaller ones since they produce smaller batches that are not enough to sell at tthe liquor store. it’s a great way to support some of the local business which give the area such character.

colanery winery - niagar on the lake

colaneri winery - new and very, very big


rows and rows of grapes

ravine winery - niagara on the lake

ravine winery

riverview cells winter

riverview cells winter

lailey wineries

lailey wineries

we finished the day off having a steak dinner with stuffed clams.

hobbes had a bit of my left over and scraps – his first taste of steak. you’d think he died and gone to heaven by the way he devoured it!


3 thoughts on “8th wedding anniversary with a little art and then some wine…

  1. We went to lailey too a few years ago on a bicycle tour. I loved it! Though the most fun part was seeing other people try to ride bikes after “tasting” their wine.

    • i always wondered how people are able to continue on their bikes after stopping at a few wineries for some tasting. i think it would be safer for me to join one of those tours where they drive you from winery to winery on in a bus/van. 🙂

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