deep fried turkey, high park and a humidex

it’s the last surge of an indian summer with the humidex hitting 29 celsius this weekend.

gorgeous and glorious! i do pray for one more weekend like this before  the cold hits us – at least one more.

we had a wonderful feast at my parents’ place. everything was perfect! that turkey was deep fried and doug and i did an amazing job on the mashed potatoes and bread stuffing. my mom also prepared some honey-glazed yams which were a perfect addition to the rest of the food. plus, the pumpkin pies turned out great, too.

i was so full by the end of our meal and yet it was easy to nibble a little bit more here and there.

yesterday, the good weather continued with even more warmth and sunshine.

we spent the first half of yesterday at highpark – mostly at the off-leash walkway/trail and some of it at the zoo and playground. it was a last minute decision. i literally woke up and had to get everyone ready because i knew the park would fill up fast.

first, a quick stop at alternative grounds to get some organize and fair trade coffee beans (tasts better and is actually cheaper then starbucks). then a brunch at butler’s pantry.

both chaeli and hobbes had a blast!

highpark creek

a little creek under a bridge

highpark playground #1

chaeli climbing the playground castle

highpark playground - top of castle

perspective from below

highpark pond - heron

i believe this is a heron

black and white photo - highpark playground

happy kid - happy day

i spend the rest of the sunday doing what i enjoy most – lazying about and most importantly, getting a very well-deserved, long overdue, afternoon snooze.


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