the hotness of firefighters

i’m sitting with female co-workers, posing the following question.

me: “so, my husband says that sometime near the end of their training, they want all the rookie firefighters to invite their spouses out to this luncheon thing – sort of a meet and greet the city’s top execs, marshals and whatever of the department. what exactly do i wear to one of these things?”

co-worker #1: “you’ll be surrounded by hot firefighters?”

co-worker #2: “you’ll want to wear something sexy, then.”

co-worker #3: “that’s right! go out and buy something new – something really, really hot!”

me: “umm… you do realize my husband will be there.”

co-workers #1 and 2: “so what?!? just do it!”

co-worker #2: “you know, if there’s any fundraising event or whatever, i’ll be there. for all of them.”

co-worker #3: “can i come to this luncheon?”

me: “you guys are no help at all.”

seriously – what is it with firefighters? you can take a normal, average guy, put him in firefighter gear and *WHAM*! instant attraction!

not too different from those axe commercials.


One thought on “the hotness of firefighters

  1. Fire fighters get paid to keep themselves in top physical condition (eye candy) to be able to throw themselves in harms way at the drop of a hat to save strangers’ lives.

    It’s damn heroic. 🙂

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