mad random updates

  • this past weekend was just beautiful – the perfect autumn type weather. saturday, we went to tai’s and trish’s with some yummy take-out sushi from our favourite local sushi restaurant. then after a short walk and stay at their neighborhood dog park, we came back to their patio for some amazing, homemade apple crisp and probably the smoothest coffee i’ve ever had. so… great food + great friends + great weather can only equate to complete bliss. it really doesn’t get better then this!
  • on sunday, the sun continued to shine down which meant staying home would have been a sin. we quickly got our gear together and went for a two hour hike (it actually was suppose to be closer to 1.5 hrs but we got a little side track along the way). this time, we explored yet another part of the rouge park (and we’re still only half-way through doing all the trails). photos to be posted soon.
  • chaeli had her 2nd terry fox run. i only sent the donation request link to my family, in-laws and chaeli’s godparents. i have to admit, i was a little surprised that none of my in-laws donated. they are usually very big on the terry fox run – especially as there is a monument of terry fox in thunder bay (where my in-laws live). i don’t know if they were just too busy or if they just didn’t like the online format. doug usually calls to let them know about it but he’s just been so busy lately with his job (more on that later). anyway… doing it online is the easiest for us. especially for people who live far away. and everyone else i know prefers to donate online. hopefully my PIL will understand that. it’s not a big deal, really. but i won’t tell chaeli that they didn’t support her – it would crush her heart.
  • grade two is still going pretty smoothly – though i have to admit one thing. i HATE helping chaeli out with her french tests. ugh. it’s brutal. it totally reminds me why i hated french myself. i mean, because she started with her french studies 3 grades earlier then when i was introduced (and even then, they do it five days a week when we only did it once or twice a week), she’ll be at a point where she’s way better at it then i ever was. or will be. and i’m happy for her about that reality. but until then – double ugh for me.
  • chaeli is a good kid but lately, her attitude she’s picked up just being a 7 year old going on to 8 has not been fun on the parenting front. everything is like an argument. she’s constantly arguing back and it gets worse when she’s tired. the crappy part is that this isn’t going to end – we are so far from the teen years. i’m just praying that this is a small phase followed by a break before we get to those teen years. i’m reminded of when she was three and everything was just really difficult for that entire year. and then all of the sudden, the clouds parted and the sun graced us with it’s rays for the next 3 years. i guess we were due another challenging year.
  • my dog will not pee in the rain still. yesterday, i had to drag him out three times. the first two times, he immediately wanted to get back in. and the only reason why the third time was successful was because i caved and held an umbrella over his head. it worked. but at the expense of me looking foolish.

One thought on “mad random updates

  1. I’m laughing thinking of you holding an umbrella for Hobbes! Cowboy won’t walk in the rain so if we get caught out I’ve got to carry him under my arm while pushing a stroller. Such a baby.

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