nostalgia of a very ‘WHOOOOAAAAA’ moment

my friend, tai – now he’s a fun guy. and a funny guy.

he called me at work to tell me about the movie, drive – mainly because he knows my taste in movies and generally has a pretty good idea of whether or not i’ll like it.

anyway, at the end of the phone conversation i asked him, “btw… but was there another reason why you called me?”

he replied, “no. i just wanted to tell you about the movie.”

“that’s it?”

“yeah. i wanted to be the first to tell you about it.”

this totally made me nostalgic. it completely brought me back to the days before we were all married and spending most weekends as a group, eating out, watching movies, clubbing or just hangin’ downtown, either somewhere or at ada’s and hoa’s place (since it was central).

we’re talking ten years ago, walking on richmond street of downtown toronto, on the way to meet up with other friends… tai wanted badly – oh so very badly – to tell me this one opening scene of swordfish.

but i wouldn’t let him. he pleaded, “oh come on… just this one scene. it won’t spoil the rest of the movie. i promise.”

“no,” i said, “i want to see it for myself!”

“okay, okay…”

we walked in silence and i could tell it was just killing him. so i caved, “alright fine – tell me.”

“okay! well, there’s this explosive scene. and the graphics were just SO cool! it was like… everything in slow-mo but you’re spinning with it. yet all the things are still in the air… like hanging there… and it was like… ‘WHOOOOAAAAA!'”

that ‘whooooaaaa’ part was when he tried to mimic the scene with his body.

right there.

on the sidewalk.

with people passing by.

when he was finished, i just looked at him and asked, “that’s it? that’s what you wanted to tell me?”


“what the hell was that? what’s ‘whooooaaaa’? that doesn’t tell me anything.”

“well, i guess you have to see it to know what i’m talking about.”

normally, my conversations with tai were not like this. they have more of a point and sometimes, even very insightful. this above conversation wasn’t one of them. but i’m glad we had it – because years later, i can still remember his giddiness when i let him tell me the story. and how it was just such a carefree night.

and, of course, how it made for good ribbing from the rest of the posse for years to come.

plus, when i finally watched swordfish, i knew what he was talking about – and yes, it was definitely a very cool scene indeed.


One thought on “nostalgia of a very ‘WHOOOOAAAAA’ moment

  1. Yeah, I miss those days too. But hikes with your kid and a firefighter husband? It’s what makes moving on wonderful.

    Love all the pics. Funny, I just changed to this theme too (it’s been around for awhile but only for owned domains)!

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