a walk by the creek

sitting on a branch

lazy sunday

aside from all the organizing, sorting and chucking that i did this past weekend, we did manage to head out for a quick hike sunday morning.

which turned out to be more of a lazy stroll and hanging out by the creek, throwing rocks and basically just being out for some fresh air. the trail ended up being only 250m. not at all a true hiking trail – more of a scenic outing. still… it was fun and the weather was quite amazing.

tiny trail

a short 250m

when we found our way to the creek, hobbes jumped into the water immediately and frolicked over to the other side. all was fine until he looked back and realized we were still on the other side. panic set in as he paced side to side nervously, looking down at the water and then back at us.

it took us a good 5 minutes of verbal encouragement to get him to cut back across the same way he did going out.

stranded dog

he finally figured it out and headed back – though in a more frantic state. silly dog.

swimming dog
“ah ha! i CAN go back the same way!”

the secluded area was quite enchanting in it’s own humble way. i took care to look at all the different wild flowers and plants, knowing they would be withered and dried up in the next few weeks.

the creek

a view of the creek

yellow wild flowers

tall medeow flowers

chaeli has a few sunglasses – everytime we go out hiking, she tries to pick one that matches her outfit. yes – it starts that early. anyway, i was able to snap a lot of photos of chaeli (seen here) and just had to post this photo. it sums up her personality pretty well.

chaeli poses with sunglasses
autographs, anyone?

near the end, we found a cool tree with some very low branches jutting out sideways. chaeli wasn’t too thrilled at first but once doug hoisted her up to a secure, thick branch, she laughed and thought it was pretty awesome. later, her and hobbes found some fallen trunks to crawl around on.

fallen trees



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