grade two – thus far…

alright. i know i’m about to jinx myself big time. but comparing this time to last year, it’s so far the complete opposite. as in around this time last year, i was having an anxiety attack everyday with the big changes into grade one. last year, i desperately wanted to invent a time machine to relive preschool and JK because i didn’t know how good we had it in those easy-peasy years.

grade two isn’t necessarily easier but it’s going a lot smoother. way more then i expected. i don’t know why exactly.

maybe because we are now familiar with the system. or maybe we’re just more relaxed about – rather then feeling like we had to get everything in all at once.

i know one thing, grade two is way more organized. which is saying a lot because i honestly thought grade one was extremely organized. i mean, it seemed SO organized that i wanted to marry it. so of course, i couldn’t imagine a more organized system.

enter grade two. the superior or superiors of awesome organization. this is as good as it gets.

last year, all home work was done on loose-leaf print outs, stapled together. i would get it back after the teachers checked it off and the paper would pile up. of course, when i saw that if i didn’t do something soon, our house would be covered in homework paper. so i scrounged around the house for binders so that there were one binder for each core subject and all the other subjects shared a binder – two secondary subjects per binder.

the binders were small though so by the end of the year, it was getting pretty tough to open/close the three-rings in the middle.

this year, i was ready. i set out to walmart and picked up bigger binders. a different colour for each one but of the same style, making sure to pick up extra dividers and some lined notepads for chaeli to use when studying for tests and/or working out her math problems.

school binders

what i miss about school the most? binders!

but i didn’t know that the teachers would give her exercise books and workbooks for everything. math is still on loose leaf but they haven’t handed any of it back (maybe they do collectively). and they even send these loose-leaf homework assignments in a clear plastic cover with her name clearly printed on the front to protect it during the commute.

when i get to school, rather then having her academic planner, workbook and/or exercise book crammed into her cubby, they have a low but long shelf against one wall where everything can be distributed into a neat and organized pile. when i pick her up, the essentials of what is needed to be brought home is in the cubby, ready to go.

those binders that i bought sit empty in her closet shelf, waiting to be filled. and they will be filled as we start to collect past homework and assignments back.

but for now, i’m totally enjoying my time letting some one else do that extra work for me.


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