ten years since 9/11

scenes of 9/11 are once again flooding the screens. only this year, it marks the tenth anniversary.

i know that many other horrific events have happened all around the world and throughout history. i knew some one who even looked down on north american’s reactions of something so horrific happening “closer to home” stating that they were ignorant. to act the way they were as if this was the first horrible tragedy ever.

i remember thinking… but of course this is more horrific to everyone here. it’s always scarier when it hits closer to home… and when we all have loved ones that could have easily been one of the victims. it doesn’t mean we are ignorant of other worldly tragedies.

we’re blessed to live in a part of the world where this type of occurrence has been rare. so when 9/11 happened, most just didn’t know how to cope.

i have always felt a bit ill to any disgusting news regardless of what part of the world it comes from. but 9/11 affected me in a more intense way. to this day, i still can not look at the images of that day. i still cry for the fallen… for those that chose to die by jumpng then burning. for loved ones that went on for days not knowing if the missing would be found alive or dead.

i still remember not knowing where my friends were…. Rick, Tai… cousins… people i just wanted to be home rather then in NY or any of the big states they were in (not knowing which would be the next target).

i still feel like it happened just last year rather then ten years ago.


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