thunder bay and lake superior 2011 – a photo-blog of our vacation

our one week vacation was spent traveling to thunder bay to visit my in-laws, as well as stopping at some key points around lake supeior.
sunset at the soo
sunset in sault ste marie
our first stop was in sault ste marie – a halfway point we normally use for one night when we choose to drive to thunder bay. we found a nice restaurant along the harbour called Docks’ Restaurant. it’s a casual place but the food was amazing! the price was also very reasonable.
afterwards we took a walk along the harbour to catch the sunset.
on the road to thunder bay

on the road to thunder bay

a lot of the drive around lake superior was breath taking. the winding roads, rock formations, green forests and sparkling lakes and rivers.
wawa goose

we always stop to see the goose in wawa

one of our many stops from sault ste marie and thunder bay is wawa. we learned soon after arriving that they were taking down this goose after 50 years of it being a major landmark in this small town of 3,200 people. they are hoping to raise enough money for a new one. we bought a pin for chaeli’s collection – proceeds of the pin goes towards the project.

national monument at grand portage

national monument of grand portage

during our stay in thunder bay, we took a day trip with my SIL, BIL, niece and nephew to minnesotta. we first stopped in grand portage – a national park – and visited a historical site where they replicated what use to be vital fur trading post and anishinaabeg ojibwe heritage.

baby nephew

my baby nephew

my baby nephew – he’s about 15 months old and this is the first time i had a chance to meet him. and what a hoot he is! if only we could see this guy more, i would babysit him and take him to the zoo and feed him lots of animal crackers. or as he calls them, “coooo-ka!”
docked boat at grand portage

docked boat

chaeli grand portage dock
chaeli posing on the dock at grand portage

there was this lovely long dock extending from the national monument area. we took a walk down to the very end and all the time, i was so tempted to reach down and feel the water. of course, it was fairly high above the surface but i managed to find this bottom landing which brought me closer.

the water was cold! but refreshing. apparently, no one can survive past 20 minutes at most in lake superior. hyperthermia doesn’t take long to set in.
chaeli and my niece in grand marais
cousins collecting rocks – grand marais

here’s chaeli posing with my niece as they hunted down rocks at grand marais.

this town of 1,350 people centres around a harbour. it’s a very pretty place but a shame that they operate more around a very short tourist season. i have driven by in the winter and the place is dead during those cold months. everything shuts down by 5pm (if not earlier).
hobbes on beach - five mile rock
hobbes prowling alone shore of five mile rock beach

after leaving grand marais, my niece and nephew fell fast asleep so my SIL/BIL decided to just head home. doug, chaeli, hobbes and i stopped along the shores across from five mile rock (a wee island five miles from grand marais). it was a good spot to let hobbes go off leash. and for him to take a sip from the cold waters of lake superior.

driftwood at neys provincial park
neys sandy beaches are filled with driftwood

at the end of our week in thunder bay, we all went to neys, a provincial park midway between thunder bay and sault ste marie. this was also a historical location. at the east end, called prisoner’s cover, they use to keep a prisoner war camp of WWII. apparently, high-end german officers were held captive here. and as bad as a war camp sounded, they weren’t treated so poorly (so long as they cooperated). after the war ended, some of them even returned to canada to live.

the beauty of the place also attracted some key painters from The Group of Seven, such as Lawrence Harris who found Pic Island and transformed the natural formation into his subject and famous Pic Island paintings.
our new old trailer

the new trailer we inherited

here’s our new sad and old little trailer – inherited from doug’s late grandfather.
it’s very little. and very old. and very, very little. but it does the trick! and we look forward to making some solid memories from this trailer.
old boats on top of inactive volcano - neys

some old timber boats sitting on top of an inactive volcano

the above is a photo of a look-out point at the end of our hike. it’s actually above an inactive valcano.
in the very far distance, at the tip of the other shoreline, you can see a couple of tiny bumps. that’s Pic Island. one day, i hope to get a much closer look.
neys beach at sunset
the view from our campsite
the final sunset before heading towards home again.

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