return from vacation, grade two and 3am wake-up calls

  • we arrived back from our trip to thunder bay and lake superior late sunday night. yesterday was a mad rush to do laundry, clean my dad’s van (which we borrowed), bring our new, old little trailer to the storage place and prepare for chaeli’s first day of grade two.
  • managed to upload photos of which i will highlight here soon – we had beautiful scenery. i edited the almost 500 photos i took down to just over 100.
  • dropped chaeli off this morning after finding her new home room. exciting! she was nervous leading up to the first day but as she quickly learned, there was nothing to be nervous about. she had some friends in her class that were in her class in grade 1. and the teacher (one of them we met this morning – the other starts at 9am) was very warm and bubbly. always the characteristic trait you want for the younger grades.
  • this week might be hard to do a full workout routine but i’ll be back at the gym starting tomorrow to ease my way into it. i’m sure i gained 5 lbs on our trip. but that’s not much to lose.
  • i’m really tired. not just because of the trip and all the work unpacking yesterday, but at 3am, hobbes decided to let me know that he wasn’t well by throwing up on my back while i was sleeping. why do they ALL go to mommy when they are sick?

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