some memories live forever

sometimes i think back to memories that have significantly added quality to my life. there are so many to choose from. i think what makes these memories special is that they can not be replicated. the instance it took place, the people, the mood and right opportunity – to try to repeat it would only lead to disappointment.

to list some of them:

colborne lane during earth hour

it’s true that the food was outstanding. but i think it was the people we shared this experience with that made it a perfect night.

first night in bangkok

i still remember this night even though it happened nearly ten years ago. three of my best friends and i arrived in bangkok on khoa san road. there was one person we were to meet up with the next day and i wish she were with us that first night. because after a day of traveling, we were baked. but it was daytime and we wanted to reset our internal clocks. by the evening, we set out for a spot for dinner.

it was just a simple place with large windows that opened into the street to give it that overall, open-space feel. i’m sure we ordered different types of dishes but the one that i will never forget was the pad thai. up until then, i never tasted pad thai as good as that dish we consumed that night. and the beer. the cold, thai beer.

i remember a feeling of euphoria while i thought to myself, “i’m finally here… this is real and i’m finally here.”

grand palace – bangkok thailand

same trip as the above… this time within the walls of the grand palace.

i specifically remember being next to my friends while standing infront of the large statue of budha. just for a brief moment, i felt like something was happening to all of us. as if that moment would change us. forever. i found myself all of the sudden very emotional. in a good way.

second trip to disney world

personally, i’ve been to disney world at least half a dozen of times. but it was the 2nd time with doug and chaeli which sticks out the most.

perhaps it was because chaeli was older and was able to enjoy it more than the first time. or perhaps we stayed in disney world rather then just outside which we discovered made a huge difference (and we didn’t have to spend that much more).

but what made this trip so great was that there were little surprises along the way. maybe it was luck that we were there at the right time and at the right place. i don’t know. but with an invitation to go behind the scenes at epcot’s living seas pavillion, getting vip seats at beauty and the beast and chaeli getting a chance to go to the stage at the end to receive a rose from the prince… these were just some of the examples of the luck we had. and all we were doing was just standing there!

the little waterfall on highway 1

for the life of me, i would not be able to find this fall again. i just remember it was the california road trip i took with tai and arvie. we were making our way from monterey bay down to los angeles by highway 1 (for most of the way). the road was winding quite a bit and so our speed had to be slow. i saw this long and tall water fall by the mountain side and asked tai to stop.

we got out of the car to take photos.

it was lovely. and secluded. the fall was surrounded by lush green and all i could do was just stand and marvel at it.

acapulco cruise port

we were on our way for the panama canal cruise. the ship set sale on the first night from acapulco. but not after it remained on dock until after the 2nd seating for dinner.

i remember wandering on to the deck to take a farewell view of the bay. the sun was just near the end of setting and the hillside was lit with tiny lights.

by best friends’ wedding

it’s not often you get to be a part of the wedding where the entire wedding party is your close circle of good friends.

meeting my daughter for the very first time

i saved the best for last.

the nurse put her on my chest. she was crying with gusto! but as soon as i said, “hello” she stopped immediately and looked up at me.

there was recognition. she knew my voice. she knew me.


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