summer ends

this summer has been a very different summer.

for one, it’s the first summer after chaeli started grade 1. prior to this summer, we didn’t know what it would be like to all of the sudden not have to worry about homework, tests and projects. and because chaeli had been in a daycare-type-jk/sk setting before, she just continued with their own summer program. this summer, i discovered what it’s like to be hunting down summer camps that are not too far from home (aiming it to be on the way to and from home) with extended hours to work for our careers and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

tough, tough, tough… it was not easy to schedule. but once we did, the pro to it all was to see chaeli experience different environments and activities.

another difference this summer – we have hobbes this time around! we adopted him around this time last year and was already heading into autumn. it’s been just over a year since he’s graced us with his clown-like antics.

i loved having him be a part of a full summer with us. the last-minute decisions to go to a park or the beach was mainly due to him.

i so do not want this summer to end. there are some regrets – one was that i didn’t take another week off. i only took two days off at the beginning and will be ending the summer with one week off. but it’s such a short period – a total of 9 weekends. next year, i will learn from my mistake. and take that extra week off!

*sigh* it went by too fast and even though there’s still a week and a half left, i’m already feeling nostalgic.


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