an apology to john cusack

dear mr. john cusack,

i have been loyal and faithful to you for many, many years. in fact, during the course of my marriage, i have kept you on my top five list. and it’s not that i’ve forgotten about you or have lost interest in you, but lets face it. one’s top five is a very important list. it must be well thought out. dissected, analyzed and eventually finalized.

it’s like… prime real estate, if you will.

plus, to get to the bottom of things, what have you done lately? 2012? that movie about a time machine that looks like a hot tub? even must love dogs could have been a better movie. i had to come to the truth – the last movie i totally heart you in was grosse point blank. and that was a loooong time ago.

anyway, i’m sorry it had to end like this. to be honest, i’ve found a new crush. perhaps this one will be short-lived. but all i know is that i look forward to my weekly rendez-vous with him (specifically every tuesday night at 10pm EST).

i wish you all the best in all your endeavours.

best regards,


ps – introducing terry chen (“bobby” on combat hospital):

terry chen as 'bobby' on combat hospital

4 thoughts on “an apology to john cusack

  1. Ahhh! What about “Say Anything” with the stereo and he’s holding it up…it’s timeless. But I’ve had two margaritas and T. says I shouldn’t be commenting.

    • apparently, as you witnessed for yourself this past saturday, i should reconsider taking him off of my list. which, by the way, was from the SAME people who gave me heck for having him up on my list in the first place.

      obviously, i can not appease the masses when it comes to selecting my fantasy-boyfriends.

      tell T. that i disagree – commenting should always be combined with alcohol. it wouldn’t be as fun, otherwise.

  2. OMG, that’s hilarious! I so needed a LOL moment. Yeah, poor John Cusack. Too many rotten choices. I liked “Serendipity” with Kate Beckinsale, but nothing really after that.

    I haven’t seen Combat Hospital. May have to see that 😉

    • well, if you get a chance to watch combat hospital, let me know what you think of a) dr. bobby and b) the actual show. 🙂

      am glad to have given you an LOL moment – even if it was brief.

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