little miss back at home

chaeli came back from her one-week visit at her grandparents’ place (my PILs).

it’s good to have her back. we all missed her. i really missed her. it was hard to let her go so far away for a whole week. especially as i’ve never been away from her for that long. but… it wouldn’t have been fair of me to not let my in-laws have some one-on-one time with her. and wouldn’t have been fair to chaeli, either.

the toughest part, though, is just that it’s summer time. and now that the school year is mainly about academics, we only get 9 weekends of summer surrounded by a busy work schedule and social life. sending her away takes two of those weekends away. and next year, there’s been a request from my MIL to send her for two weeks!

i told doug, no way. that’s three weekends where we can’t do things as a family. so as a compromise, for the years where we do not visit doug’s home town, i would consider sending her so that she leaves here on a sunday and arrives back on the 2nd friday. at the least, it’s then 1.5 weekends. hopefully, my MIL will be understanding about this and be happy to meet me half way here.

anyway, while we missed her and called her every night, it was a relaxing week (outside of work, that is). the mornings and afterwork hours were not a rush. doug and i found ourselves sometimes eating as late as 8:30pm. and taking a lot of evening strolls with hobbes – something we normally do not do because chaeli needs to be in the bed by then.

hobbes was a mess. at least doug and i understood where chaeli was. a few times last week, i found hobbes sitting in front of chaeli’s bedroom door (we keep it closed normally – he’s been known to go in and play destroy some of her toys). then he’ll look at me and look back at the door as if to say, “seriously… where the hell is she?”


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