random thoughts in the midst of 118 farenheit

it’s mid-week. chaeli’s with her grandparents and doug had class. so i decided to take hobbes to a dog park at the beach.

it was perfect. a light breeze helped to relieve us from the rising humidex (peaking today at 118F/48C).

hobbes had a good time too as he ran circles and chased other dogs.

i think i might go back tonight – or at least, to another dog park. and i think i want to suggest to doug that we should go for sushi or something that doesn’t require cooking in the house.

with this record-breaking heat, it would be nice to just have something cool and light.

or we can go for vietnamese – not for warm food but for some of their cold noodle variety.

if we had more money, i would go back to that raw restaurant. but it’s too expensive and we’re already going out tomorrow night for our 10 years anniversary.


2 thoughts on “random thoughts in the midst of 118 farenheit

  1. And here I thought we had it bad at 97F here in Milwaukee.

    Congratulations on your 10th anniversary. We will be marking our 43rd year together in December and life CAN continue to get better and better if you keep paying attention to your relationship.

    Funny….. when younger I was able to return to Toronto for frequent visits (every couple years) and now it’s been …. gosh…. close to 20 yrs I think. I guess it’s time for a return engagement.


    • hi peter,

      thank you for stopping by.

      and yes, i agree. it definitely can get better. i like to think of it like really good, aged wine. 🙂 personally, i can’t even invision my life without my husband (even during those times he drives me crazy).

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