4:17am at sibbald point



(wp) Sibbald 07/09/11, a set on Flickr.

even though packing for just one night of camping wasn’t my cup of tea, it was definitely well worth all the work!

it felt so good to go camping again.

we did some fishing, swimming and hiking. but my most memorable moment was around 4:17 am. chaeli had woken up needing to use the loo. i had to go, too, as did hobbes. so doug had no choice really but to come with us since we couldn’t bring hobbes into the public washroom.

upon returning, we spotted a blinking glow on the grass area of our site. i slowly approached it, knowing it was a firefly as doug and i both commented earlier in evening that we both had seen them flying through the trees – and how neither of us have seen one since we were kids (they are now pretty scarce to find).

so we showed chaeli and she was simply at awe. the best part, though, was not just sharing that moment of chaeli’s childhood, but of the quietness of the night. the air was cool but still, the stars were out and it just seemed like we were the only ones on the planet.



2 thoughts on “4:17am at sibbald point

  1. How did Chaeli get so big?? I guess we have been “friends” for a long time now, but I keep expecting such a little girl. Well done, Mom! (and Doug!) You have a beautiful big girl on your hands. xx

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