beautiful head shots

so for wk 1 and 2 of chaeli’s summer adventuring, we sent her to a stage acting camp which basically will result in an hour production on an actual theatre stage with all the technical sound and lighting to boot! and the thing is that while there’s your usual teen camp councelors who assist, the groups are lead by professional actors/actresses.

i met one the other day. he’s australian. and kind of hot. at least that’s what i noticed – i wasn’t actually looking, per say. i mean, when beauty presents itself infront of you, you notice.

and i just sounded like a guy right now who got caught with wandering eyes.

anyway, they had a board put up with both a headshot photo, name and profile next to each picture.

the purpose of this board, i would presume, is for parents to know who is who and therefore, know who is interacting with their child each day. i like that, of course – there should never be anything to hide when it comes to caregiving. the more they share, the more comforting it is to us.

but i couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous everyone was! of course, the headshots are professionally done and is required by any actor/actress to have a supply of them, just as any of us requires business cards. it’s part of their portfolio/resume, after all.

so there i was, just standing there, stunned and wondering if chaeli will at all even remember that her days here at this particular camp might just be the only time she will be lead by a staff THAT good-looking. like… all of them.

plus, their portfolio read like a resume, almost.

anyway, i’m looking forward to the show next week. and hoping chaeli has a fabulous time!


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