about the birds and the bees talk – the questions get tougher

chaeli asked a boy at school to be her boyfriend.

this happened on a tuesday.

the thursday of that same week – a mere two days later – she dumped him.


i asked her why she did that. and with each question, she answered me with a shrug and ‘i-dunno.’

“did something happen?”

“i dunno.”

“did he do something bad?”

“i dunno.”

“what… did you just change your mind?”

“i dunno.”

“well, is he okay? is he sad?”

“i dunno.”

it’s like she’s 7 going on 16. this isn’t good. not at all.

so we had a talk where she can’t just go around playing her friends like that. and that if she’s going to ask a boy to be her boyfriend, she should at LEAST commit to it for two weeks (which for their age is the standard time of a long-term relationship).

a day later, my parents picked her up from school. my mother told me that chaeli had asked them, “if i have a boyfriend, does that mean i’ll get pregnant? i don’t want to get pregnant.”

then my father pulled me aside and said, “when you two are alone, TALK TO HER!”

most likely, the mystery of why she broke up with this boy only after two days has been solved.

and i’ll be honest… it is tempting to let her believe this myth. just think… staying away from boys! for fear of getting pregnant! any chance i can let this go on until here teen years?

probably not. and the anxiety it is creating isn’t healthy. damn.

i’ll be checking out, It’s So Amazing!: A Book about Eggs, Sperm, Birth, Babies, and Families pretty soon.


One thought on “about the birds and the bees talk – the questions get tougher

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